Alexis is available!

Update: Alexis has gone to her forever home!

Every once in a while a kitten needs a few more weeks with us to become properly socialized. Maybe they were lowest kitten on the totem pole and once the other kittens are gone they blossom. That’s our Alexis! Now that all of Georgette and Jackie’s kittens have gone to their new homes (except for Diggy, who we’re keeping) she has really come into her own. She is very playful and once she gets to know you she will gladly accept your belly rubs and purr with appreciation.

If you’re interested in Alexis please fill out our placement application.

Big stretch!

You may pet me now!

This is my spot!

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Her name was Lola…

…she was a show cat. Or she will be, anyway (and mother to future kittens!).

Thanks to GGLegacy Maine Coon Cattery for allowing us to add Lola to our home!  She is a lovely and outgoing girl who is very active, purrs like crazy, and has a chirp that sounds like a squeaky toy. It is super cute!

What was that sound?


Okay, one more picture! But it will be blurry!

Told ya!

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The mouth that moves

The kittens keep growing! Nikki’s kids are getting mobile and have started trying to explore outside the nest (though you wouldn’t know it from the picture below). We’ve adjusted things so they can’t get out of nest just yet (it’s a little too soon) but before we know it they’ll be scampering around like crazy.

Nikki’s kids: Getting plump!

Meanwhile, Starry is dealing well with the Suckling Seven. They are very hungry, so Starry is very hungry. She will polish off every plate of wet food we put in front of her, so much so that we’ve nicknamed her, “The mouth that moves” or “Miss Mouth” for short.

Please… help… me…

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A constellation of kittens

Starry Night gave birth to eight beautiful kittens today!  We were only expecting six or seven so #8 was a welcome surprise.

The kittens are doing great, though the sound of eight simultaneous sucklers might keep us awake tonight. Starry is naturally protective of her kids but welcomes a chin rub or any opportunity to eat.

Update: One of the kittens didn’t make it after a few days. All of the others are doing fine. Starry was pushing her away from the others and she wasn’t gaining weight. We kept her warm and supplemented her feeding but it didn’t help. We know this happens sometimes, but it saddens us nonetheless.


Buster, the father, has become rather accustomed to his success as a mate. “The ladies love The Buster,” he said, winking as he passed out catnip cigars.

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Total eclipse of the heart

Ha, now you have that song in your head!

Darling Nikki gave birth to five kittens today, her first litter! They were expected the day of the eclipse and we’re going to stick with that theme even though it’s a day later. Close enough!

Buster, the father, noting that all of the kittens are black or smoke and white, nodded smugly at the confirmation of his fatherhood until we told him about the child support payments. There aren’t any, but he doesn’t know that.


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Kitten Supernova

Like the hot gasses of an exploding star, six or seven kittens will burst forth from the fiery uterus of Starry Night in about a week. Okay, we hope for a much more relaxing delivery than a supernova, but it’s Starry’s first litter so we’re a little excited.

Buster, the father, got similar news about Nikki’s litter last week, so now he’s looking all smug. “When you’re a virile guy like me, what else do you expect? Chicks dig me. Dogs want to be me.” he smirked.

I had no response to that, so here’s Starry’s x-ray:

Six or seven in there!

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First time’s the charm

In a week or so Nikki will give birth to five or six kittens! This is her first litter (and sometimes those are small) so we’re very happy!

Buster, the father, was pleased. “Great!” he meowed. “That means Nikki and I get to mate again next year!”

“That’s right, oh Buster-of-the-One-Track-Mind!”

“I resent that characterization,” Buster complained. “I also like long cuddles, food, and playing with your toes under the bed covers.”

Oh, wait, you wanted to see a kitten x-ray and not conversations with cats? Here it is!

The skulls say 5, the tails say 6.

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Something is fascinating out there

Mornings with kittens. Sometimes you’re trying to keep their faces out of your coffee mug, and sometimes they just overwhelm you with cuteness.

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Will you accept this rose?

Jackie’s kittens were born during an episode of The Bachelorette, so it was only fitting that we name these kittens after some of our favorites from the Bachelor / Bachelorette family of shows.

The kittens are doing great, climbing over everything, and have just entered what our fellow breeders call “poop week.” That’s when they’ve discovered pooping but haven’t quite figured out how to consistently get it in the box. They’ll have it figured out in a couple of weeks but in the meantime it’s “watch your step and hold your nose.”

Good ventilation and cleaning supplies: Depend on them.

Anyway, here they are! And yes, all of these kittens are reserved.

Rachel (girl)

Alexis (girl)

Peter (boy)

Nick (boy)

Diggy (boy)

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Boys & Girls in the City

Georgette’s kittens are getting bigger all the time! They are very mobile and just figuring out the litter box. They’re still in the “front legs work and back legs sometimes splay out behind them” stage that is very amusing. Understandably they don’t believe us when we say that we’re laughing with them, not at them. Maybe it’s because they can’t laugh?

Anyway, here they are! We named them after the hosts of on of our favorite shows, Terrace House.

 All of these kittens are reserved!

Kentaro (boy)

Ryota (boy)

Reina (girl)

You (girl)

Azusa (girl)

Yoshimi (boy)

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