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Triple Grand

Meanwhile, we received some great news the other day.  At her last show Frida earned enough points and finals to advance to the title of Triple Grand Champion. She is only a few points from Quadruple, so you’ll be sure to see her at another show this fall!

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Handsome boy

Diggy had a great time at the cat show in Cambridge, MA this weekend.  He especially enjoyed entertaining  the attendees. In fact, he won Spectator’s Choice First Place on Sunday! He plans to put his good looks to use soon by wooing some of our girls and becoming a dad for the first time.

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Let them eat cake!

Rigel earned his Supreme Grand Champion status last spring, but we were finally able to celebrate with the traditional “Supreme Cake” at the cat show in Hartford.  This is probably his last show so he can concentrate on wooing the ladies. Looking suave as ever. When he’s not looking suave he’s looking cute. We’re just …

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Rigel did well at the cat show in Sherbrooke, QC. He is now a Supreme Grand Champion! This is our first boy since we started showing cats to achieve that status, and we are understandably proud of him. Rigel, as ever, got right to the point. “Does this mean I’ll get more chicks?” he asked. …

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Talisker in Cape Cod

Smells like chicken.

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Cat shows are tiring!

Talisker went to his first cat show (in Providence) and he didn’t win anything, but nobody expects much of a 5-month old kitten in the ring when the older kittens are so much more developed.  That said, he was very good in the ring and people really love his mackerel pattern. On the first day …

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Nippin at the cat show

While we were showing Pumpkin at the TICA cat show in Boxborough, MA this past weekend, we bought him a new catnip toy, and… the results speak for themselves. Mmmmmm! Good stuff! … Oh, yeah, I’m feelin’ the nip now, baby! … I’m just resting my eyes. … As for his performance in the ring, …

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Providence Cat Show, March 2009

We took Pumpkin and Maybelline to the TICA cat show in Providence this past weekend. Pumpkin is going to be a big boy — he looked like the large, economy-sized Maine Coon compared to the other 5-month olds. Maybelline, of course was her usual charming self. Too bad you can’t get points for being cuddly! …

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Providence cat show

We took Purrnado and Got Milk to the cat show in Providence (their first shows as adults) and they did very well. Here’s Miss Purr showing some interest in something feathery while Milky waits for her turn in the spotlight. Milk is a natural show cat — and very large for an eight-month-old female, which …

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