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Hello, Tigerlily!

We’re very happy to welcome Tigerlily as the latest addition to our home! Lily comes to us from Amerikoons¬† and we can’t thank them enough for allowing her to join our cattery. Tigerlily is a beautiful and very personable girl who loves snuggling and lap time. We think she’ll make a great mother someday.¬† Until …

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Faster than a speeding uterus

Queen Sara Saturday gave birth to four beautiful kittens in about an hour this afternoon. That might be a new record for one of our cats! Her great grandmother, Nutmeg, earned the nickname “Machine-gun Megs” for her ability to pop out kittens quickly during delivery, so it must run in the family. Sara and her …

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Lola shoots… she scores!

When Lola was pregnant she was so big that she looked like she swallowed a basketball. Naturally, she gave birth to a bunch of little basketballs. Yes, the theme for this litter is basketball brands! We’re not exactly sports fans so we had to do a little research, but it turns out there are plenty …

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Out and about

Lola’s kittens were starting to walk so we opened up the nest. Within a few hours they were out exploring the kitten room. Eventually they ended up clustered back together in front of the closet door. Lola was not pleased. Meanwhile, Nikki’s kittens got their first set of vaccinations and have been introduced to the …

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They just grow!

It’s amazing how quickly kittens grow. Here’s a picture from five days ago: Here’s a picture I took today (with absolutely no help from Lola!): It’s hard to tell from this picture but their eyes are open and they’re starting to walk around the nest a bit. Time to move them into a bigger nest …

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Lola will give birth when she’s good and ready

Lola gave birth to seven big, beautiful kittens today. She was two days late, but maybe extra-big kittens need more time to bake in the uterus. As it happens with these things, Lola was showing no signs of going into labor this morning so we left the room for half an hour. When we came …

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The Deep Space Nine Litter

Nikki’s kittens are doing well! They’ve progressed to eating solid food and are kind of, sort of, mostly using the litter box. Although sometimes not. It’s important to watch our step when we go into the kitten room. They are very social for their age, often scurry toward us when they see us, and don’t …

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Five little kittens, all in a row

Nikki and Buster’s kittens are all doing well. They are getting plump and are very mobile, sometimes wandering away from mama and the other kittens (within the confines of the nest, of course). This morning we caught them in a moment of sibling togetherness and had to share. All of these kittens are reserved.

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Might as well face it, he’s addicted to laps

Update: Buddy Holly has been reserved! Buddy Holly is available! The person who reserved Buddy Holly asked if they could wait for a kitten from a litter next year because of new medical issues with their current pet. It just wasn’t the right time to take on a new fur baby. While we have absolutely …

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Come and knock on our door…

Update: Chrissy decided that he’s a boy! We’re very supportive of his gender choice, whatever it may be. Okay, we might have mis-identified his gender a few weeks ago, but in our defense his testicles haven’t descended yet so it’s easy to get it wrong! Lola’s kittens are getting bigger every day! One week they …

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