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We opened up the nest last week so Nikki’s kittens could start to stretch their legs. Now, normally at this age their a little tentative about leaving their safe space, but not this bunch! Within a minute they were out and roaming the room, much to Nikki’s bemusement. The funniest thing is that as the …

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Walk like an Egyptian

Jackie’s kittens are out of the nest and posing for pictures! We decided to name them after Egyptian Pharaohs and they’re ready to take over the world! All of these kittens are reserved.

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Meanwhile, in the room next door…

Jackie’s kittens have just woken up from a nap. They are in what is technically called the “pudgemuffin phase.”

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Speedy Delivery

Nikki gave birth to eight beautiful kittens in a little less than two hours this afternoon! Her grandmother, Nutmeg also delivered litters so quickly that we nicknamed her “Machine Gun Megs.” Nikki is earning a nickname of her own. Nanosecond Nikki? All of these kittens are reserved. Update: Unfortunately, one of the kittens passed away …

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Has anyone seen our basketball?

Nikki is due mid-July, but she already looks ready to pop!

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Intruder Alert!

When I fed Jackie lunch I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a better picture of the kittens. Jackie was on the other end of the nest eating from her bowl, but every time I got my camera close to the kittens she’d rush back and we’d have a standoff, like this: Eventually, Jackie …

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Monster Kittens Destroy Tokyo!

Every litter of kittens has milestones for which we watch. Walking. Eating solid food. Climbing on the chair. Pooping IN the litter box. Stuff like that. Fiona’s kittens are progressing  very well, indeed. The pooping OUTSIDE the box phase was amazingly short, and they seemed go from walking to climbing very quickly. They’ve also taken …

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Little Monsters

Fiona gave birth to four huge kittens today! What they lack in quantity they make up for in sheer mass.  Mother and kids are doing well. More pictures and updates to come! Update 10/2/17: Unfortunately we lost one of the kittens last night. One of them wasn’t gaining weight as fast as the others and …

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Like little pooping stars in the sky

When Starry Night gave birth to a big litter of kittens it reminded us of a constellation (because she’s a star and now there are a lot of stars and… oh, never mind). Anyway, we decided to name the kittens after constellations (and being us we had to pick mostly obscure ones). The kittens are …

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The Eclipse litter has their day in the sun

Update: Umbra is a girl! What did the sun say when the moon leaned in for a kiss? Eeek! Lips!! That will also be Marie’s reaction to me for the rest of the week now that I’ve made that joke. Because Nikki and Starry had their litter’s so close together people putting down deposits are …

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