Wilson is available!

Update: Wilson has been reserved!

Wilson is available! He had been reserved by someone who really wanted a black-and-white kitten but something about another kitten really spoke to them. As we like to say, “The kitten picks you.”

Because of his little goatee we have lots of nicknames for him like , “Jazz Man” and “Hipster Kitten.”

He is very playful (of course, he’s a kitten) but he is also very people-oriented and is turning into a lap kitten. When the kittens got their first vaccinations and were released into our main living area he was the brave one who ventured onto the couch and into our laps early on. Everyone else eventually caught up, but he was the pioneer.

If you are interested in Wilson please fill out a placement application.

Love muffin

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True Royalty

Since Queen Sara Saturday is royalty, we decided that her first litter should stick with that theme.  These kids are all doing very well and have easily transitioned to solid food. Also very important: They learned to use the litter box with a minimal period of “thinking outside the box.” Maybe it’s their refined royal manners!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Princess (girl)

Duchess (girl)

Countess (girl)

Baron (boy)

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That was quick

Starry Night gave birth to five beautiful kittens starting on Thursday, October 3rd at 11:37PM and finishing  and hour later at 12:37AM on Friday.  The delivery went very smoothly and all of the kittens are doing great.

Maximums, the father, must have sensed something was up. He was hovering outside her door just before just before Starry went into labor.

As always happens with a new litter the mom is making it hard to get good pictures but we’ll post more when she is slightly less protective.

Three of these kittens are reserved.

You want to look at my kittens? Ha!

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Hello, Tigerlily!

We’re very happy to welcome Tigerlily as the latest addition to our home! Lily comes to us from Amerikoons  and we can’t thank them enough for allowing her to join our cattery.

Tigerlily is a beautiful and very personable girl who loves snuggling and lap time. We think she’ll make a great mother someday.  Until then she gets to enjoy playing with the other kittens in the house, going to cat shows, and expending her very bountiful kitten energy!

I am too cute.

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Five for Starry Night

Starry Night had her X-ray today, and it looks like she and Maximus are expecting five kittens around October 2nd! Well, Starry is expecting something.  All Max expects is that we throw his toy so he can fetch it. He doesn’t think very far ahead.

One of these kittens is reserved.

Five skulls, five spines!

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Faster than a speeding uterus

Queen Sara Saturday gave birth to four beautiful kittens in about an hour this afternoon. That might be a new record for one of our cats! Her great grandmother, Nutmeg, earned the nickname “Machine-gun Megs” for her ability to pop out kittens quickly during delivery, so it must run in the family.

Sara and her kids are doing well. They are a very noisy, squeaky bunch and definitely know how eat (you can hear the suckling sounds across the room). Sara is very protective (of course) but we managed to get a good picture when we brought her dinner.

One of these kittens is reserved.

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Lola shoots… she scores!

When Lola was pregnant she was so big that she looked like she swallowed a basketball. Naturally, she gave birth to a bunch of little basketballs. Yes, the theme for this litter is basketball brands!

We’re not exactly sports fans so we had to do a little research, but it turns out there are plenty of companies that make basketballs out there. Who knew? (Basketball fans, apparently).

These kids are starting to eat solid food and are getting nice and chunky. They’re also starting to figure out the whole “poop and pee go in the litter box” thing. It’s not 100%, but they’re getting there!

Wilson is available.

Baden (girl)

Spalding (girl)

Jordan (girl)

Molten (girl)

Rawlings (boy)

Wilson (boy)

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Out and about

Lola’s kittens were starting to walk so we opened up the nest. Within a few hours they were out exploring the kitten room. Eventually they ended up clustered back together in front of the closet door.

Lola was not pleased.

“Are you going to help me or not?”

Kitten cluster

No official name for this one yet, but we call him Hipster Kitten because of the goatee.

Meanwhile, Nikki’s kittens got their first set of vaccinations and have been introduced to the rest of the cattery. They are ready to meet their people for the first time!

Nikki is being protective and asserting her place with the other cats so there’s been a bit of growling and drama. The kittens, however, have been oblivious to this and are just happy to explore, play, eat, and nap.

Odo likes to hang out near the water dishes.

Kira is chilling in front of the air conditioner.

Jadzia just woke up from her nap.

Ezri and Quark are sharing a cat tree.

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They just grow!

It’s amazing how quickly kittens grow. Here’s a picture from five days ago:

Five days ago

Here’s a picture I took today (with absolutely no help from Lola!):


It’s hard to tell from this picture but their eyes are open and they’re starting to walk around the nest a bit. Time to move them into a bigger nest so they have room to stretch their tiny legs! In another week or so they’ll start driving Lola crazy by trying to explore outside the nest.

Two girls from this litter are available.

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Triple Grand

Meanwhile, we received some great news the other day.  At her last show Frida earned enough points and finals to advance to the title of Triple Grand Champion. She is only a few points from Quadruple, so you’ll be sure to see her at another show this fall!

Worship me.

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