Meanwhile, in the next uterus…

I count six skulls!

In a few weeks Tribble and Diggy will give birth two five or six kittens! Well, Diggy won’t do anything except pace around in the next room. I’m kidding. He’s oblivious.

Five of these kittens are reserved. If you are interested in a kitten please fill out a placement application.

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Also known as Max!

We’re far too late in publicly announcing the latest addition to our home: Maximus! Max is four months old and comes to us from Elegant Lynx Maine Coons in Connecticut. Someday he will be a proud father, but right now he is just happy to play and hit the cat show circuit.

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Three Plus Number Two

At least three, but maybe more.

Lola will be giving birth to at least three kittens in early November. We were expecting more because she is so huge… but these kittens look huge, too. There could be a couple of kittens hidden behind the poop (and silly us for forgetting to keep her away from food before the x-ray).

Two of these kittens are reserved. If you are interested in a kitten please fill out a placement application.

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Out and About

Yes, you are.

The Buddies got their first vaccination today and got to meet the rest of the cattery! Sometimes kittens are a little wary when they meet everyone but these guys are just wandering around and poking their pink noses into everything.  The adults are following them around, wondering, “What are these new things?” but the Buddies are completely unperturbed.

Both of these kittens are reserved.

Buddy Hackett (boy)

Buddy Holly (boy)

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Two girl kittens available!

Nikki and Buster’s all-girl litter means that we have kittens available! People who were hoping for a boy have decided to wait for boys to pop out of one of our other mamas. That means that these lovely ladies are still up for grabs.

If you are interested in adopting please fill out a placement application.

Collette (girl)

Harriett Elizabeth Cow (girl)

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Good news and bad news.  The good news is that the two boys from Starry and Diggy’s litter are thriving. The picture doesn’t do them justice — they are porkers! They love to snuggle up together so we thought we could call them buddies — Buddy Hackett and Buddy Holly, in this case.

Buddy Hackett and Buddy Holly

The bad news is that the little girl didn’t make it.  She was doing fine for a week but then started lagging behind the boys, stopped gaining wait, and didn’t have much of an appetite, even with supplemental feedings. We took her to the vet and the prognosis wasn’t good for her. She passed later that night.

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Hello, Frida!

We’re overjoyed to have Frida join our cattery!  Thanks so much to Marikoons in Mystic, Connecticut for allowing us to have her! She is a beautiful girl and we’re sure she’ll make a great impression at the cat shows  as well as make lovely kittens.


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It’s a feminine day in the neighborhood

Nikki and Buster’s kids (the Mister Rogers litter) all turned out to be girls! Last year Buster sired boys by a wide margin, so I guess this evens things out a bit. On the downside, we didn’t get to name a kitten Mister McFeely. On the other hand, any day that you can name a grumpy-looking kitten “Anna Platypus” is a good day.

Speaking of grumpy-looking kittens, that’s just the luck of the photo shoot. We take a lot of pictures but the kids are super-mobile and not used to sitting in one place. Sometimes the only head-forward, tongue-not-out, non-blurry picture is the one where a kitten looks grumpy, surprised, or weird. In person they are curious little meepers who will  climb up your leg given half a chance.

See the Kittens page to see if any kittens are available.

Queen Sara Saturday (girl) – Just wants to pose perfectly. 

Lady Aberlin (girl) – No one told her there’d be pictures.

Lady Elaine Fairchilde (girl) – Likes to pose coquettishly.

Anna Platypus (girl) – Not a morning cat.

Collette (girl) – Ready for action.

Harriett Elizabeth Cow (girl) – Not a cow. 

Henrietta Pussycat (girl) – Something over there looks interesting.

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Good morning, kittens!

Starry Night gave birth to four beautiful kittens early this morning! Mom is doing well and the kittens have shown the usual affinity for nursing and sleeping.

Diggy, the father, was too busy passing out catnip cigars to comment.

All of these kittens are reserved.

All together now. “Awwwwwwww.”

Update: We lost the smallest kitten  two days later.  We knew that it was dicey for him/her given his size relative to the others, but the first day he /she was nursing and taking supplemental feedings well. The next day, not so much.

Meanwhile, Starry decided that the net was not to her liking and kept moving the kittens to the bed or into the corner. In the interest of sleep they’ve been moved to the kitten room next door. Starry still insisted on moving them out of the nest, but at least they’re not wedged into a tiny space between the wall and the nightstand!


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Diggy will be a daddy!

Somewhere around August 28th Starry Night will give birth to four kittens.  This was Diggy’s first time as a sire and he seems very proud of himself. He might not have understood 100% of what we were telling him but he looked like he was paying attention.

The fourth kitten is upside down so we fully expect to them to the black sheep who will run off to work on a catnip farm in California in order to support their career as a sculptor.

There’s four!

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