Apr 02 2017

Spring is in the air (so we’re told)

Starrynight just hanging out at the cat show!

It’s technically Spring but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the snow outside.  Our girls can sense it, though, and after a quiet winter Georgette and Jackie Blue have gone into heat and have had romantic time with their respective beaus. More news when we’re certain that they are pregnant.

In the meantime we’ve been going to cat shows with our young adult girls who aren’t quite ready to mate yet.We mostly show in TICA, but we took Starrynight to our first CFF show, where she Championed!  She definitely has an outgoing show personality and as she grows and matures we think she’ll do very well in the ring.

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Jan 28 2017

Pippi is available!

Update: Pippi has been placed!

Pipipi is a very relaxed 6-year-old girl.  After she gave us five litters we decided that it was time to let her have a peaceful retirement. She is very affectionate and will try to groom your hair if you let her. Maybe she has a future career as a hair stylist?

If you are interested in adopting Pippi please fill out a placement application.

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Dec 04 2016

We had joy, we had fun, we had kittens in the sun

Yin and Yang have grown quite a bit after eight weeks and are adjusting well to being with the adult cats. They are hungry little fuzzballs and will push the bigger cats aside when the wet food comes out. In the morning they play and run around but in the afternoon all of the cats seem to take a siesta, and the kittens are no exception. That said, they looked so cute sleeping together that I couldn’t resist waking them up for a picture:

Thanks for waking us from our nap.

Thanks for waking us from our nap.

Both of these kittens are reserved.

Oh, the just decided to get up and have a snack at the same time as their mother, Fiona:

Nutrition in, nutrition out.

Nutrition in, nutrition out.

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Dec 01 2016

Future Mothers of Kittens

We’d like to introduce you to two lovely ladies who we expect will produce some beautiful kittens.

First up is Darling Nikki, from our Prince litter. She is replacing her mother, Ashley, who is retiring. She definitely inherited Ashley’s playful personality, as well as her tendency to wave her paws at far-away things, as if to bring them closer.

Atlastcats Darling Nikki

Atlastcats Darling Nikki

Starry Night comes to us from our friends at Marikoons on Groton, CT. She is a very friendly lady who entertains us with a wide variety of noises. She chirps, she squeaks, she trills. Sometimes she even meows!

Marikoons Starry Night of Atlastcats

Marikoons Starry Night of Atlastcats

Both of these girls aren’t old enough to be interested in boys yet, but we expect they they’ll be old enough in the spring or early summer 2017!

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Oct 15 2016

Yin and Yang

Fiona’s kittens are growing fast! This morning when we saw them laying together like this we just had to naame them Yin and Yang. I think this is the earliest we’ve ever named a litter.

Okay, it’s not literally a Yin and Yang symbol, since they aren’t nose to tail. Technically they’re reverse spooning, but who wants to name a kitten after a utensil? We’ll stick with Yin (the boy on the left) and Yang (the the girl on the right).

Update: Both of these kittens are reserved.

All together now... "Awwwwwwwwwwwww!"

All together now… “Awwwwwwwwwwwww!”

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Oct 09 2016

That was easy

Fiona gave birth to two kittens yesterday afternoon, about fifteen minutes apart. We were afraid that with a small litter they get too big to squeeze out of the opening without trouble, but Fiona popped them out like a pro.

They are both eating like champs and are very squeaky when mom leaves the nest. More pictures when Fiona isn’t hovering over them and getting in the way of the camera!



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Oct 04 2016

Sometimes it’s easy



Usually when we look at the x-ray of an expectant mother it’s a challenge to figure out exactly how many kittens to expect. You try to count the skulls or the spines, but with a bunch of kittens crammed in there it’s hard to be absolutely sure.

But sometimes you look at an x-ray and it’s pretty easy. So, yes, Fiona is expecting two kittens later this week!

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Sep 14 2016

Ashley is available!

Ashley "helping" with some sewing,

Ashley “helping” with some sewing,

Update: Ashley is very happy in her new home!

After a difficult delivery left Ashley with a single uterine horn, we decided to spay and retire her. She is a beautiful, playful 3-year old girl who has never gotten it into her head that she isn’t a kitten anymore. That said, she wants to be alpha female, so she would be best placed in a home on her own or with a very laid-back male.

If you are interested in adopting Ashley, please fill out a placement application.

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Sep 12 2016

Smart kittens

Jackie Blue’s kittens took to solid food quickly and mastered the litter box in record time. These are some very smart kittens! So, we decided to name them after inventors and scientists. Here they are!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Thomas Edison (boy)

Thomas Edison (boy)

Nikola Tesla (boy)

Nikola Tesla (boy)

Ada Lovelace (girl)

Ada Lovelace (girl)

Marie Curie (girl)

Marie Curie (girl)

Grace Hopper (girl)

Grace Hopper (girl)

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Aug 21 2016

It’s always lunch time

Jackie Blue’s kittens are growing nicely, no doubt due to their well-developed appetites. When do they eat? Pretty much whenever they want. Jackie will jump out of the nest and hang out with us, but after a while she’ll hear a chorus of “meeps!” and she’s back with the kittens. I imagine that “meep” translates to something like Oliver Twist saying, “Please, may I have some more?”

Would you like the (Jackie) Blue Plate Special?

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