A Long Morning

Lola gave birth to three kittens this morning. Unfortunately, the second one was stillborn.

Lola gave birth to the first kitten two days late and at around 3:00AM (just her the last two litters). She wasn’t pushing or distressed, but when the second kitten hadn’t come by 6:00AM we decided to take her to the vet.

X-rays showed the remaining kittens were positioned fine, but the ultrasound only showed one kitten heartbeat. We were prepared for a Caesarian section, but after a shot of oxytocin the second kitten moved closer to the exit. After another shot both kittens emerged naturally. The second kitten didn’t make it, as we kind of expected.

Very good eaters

Lola and her two kittens are home now and doing fine. They are very hungry and their mama is very protective. We brought her some lunch and when we started taking pictures of the kittens she rushed back, growled, and generally got between us and her babies.

Lola is very protective, so this is what most of the pictures we took look like.

One room over, Nikki and her three kittens are doing great! They are growing steadily and are very energetic.

Meanwhile, in the next room over…

All of these kittens are reserved.

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Right on time

Fresh and wet!

Nikki gave birth to three  lovely kittens this afternoon in about the space of an hour. All are noisy squeakers, except when they are nursing, which is a lot.

Buster, the father, immediately began suggesting names. However, since we’re not sure of the genders and all of his ideas amounted to “Meowrff” and “Burrff” we gently suggested that he table the subject until a later date.

All of these kittens are reserved.

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Three and three

Update: All kittens have been reserved!

Lola and Nikki are both pregnant with three kittens each!  Because they are expected to give birth within two days of each other, we’re accepting reservations for both litters combined. For example, when the person with first pick comes to select their kitten they can choose from either litter, and so on.

Lola’s three

Nikki’s three

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X-Ray tomorrow (Saturday)

We had to reschedule the appointment for the kitten X-ray until tomorrow morning. We will post the picture at noon tomorrow. We apologize for the delay.

Yes, you are.

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We’re accepting placement applications again

The waiting is the hardest part

We’re pretty sure that Lola is pregnant, so we’ve opened up our placement application once again. Also, please take a minute to read over about our process. It will answer a lot of your questions about how this whole thing works. Thank you!

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The Intern

Nothing to report on the kitten front yet. Watch this space.

Max performs a quality check on my coffee.  So helpful!

During this time of social distancing and telework, Max has turned out to be a pretty good home office cat (or, as we call him, the Intern). Despite some initial attempts to murder his nemesis, the headset wire, he mostly does the Maine Coon thing and hangs out nearby and looks regal.

We did catch him once on the computer looking for naked cat videos on the Internet, but luckily he can’t type well so he just ended up googling NKDCTVDOS.

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Ah, Sweet Meowstery of Life, At Last I’ve Found Thee

“There are girls on the other side of that door, I know it!”

Max and Buster are eager to have some romantic interludes with the ladies, but it’s not quite Spring and their girlfriends haven’t gone into heat yet. Max is trying hard by occasionally performing a romantic serenade, but the objects of his affection remain unmoved. This is mostly because his serenades likely consist of gems like, “Wanna Mate? Wanna Mate? Wanna Mate?” and “I Like Scrod. You Like Scrod. Let’s Get It On.”

What can  we say? He’s a lover, not a lyricist.

Anyway, the moment we have a confirmed pregnancy we’ll post something there.

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The quiet months

The last of Pixel’s kittens is going to her new home today, so we will be kittenless until Spring. As the days get longer the girls will go into heat and we’ll set them up on dates with the boys. (Pixel is already in heat but it is too soon after her litter for her to get pregnant again). If things go well we’ll have our first litter of the year between April and June.

Please keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page for updates on kittens. We appreciate your interest, seriously, but if you call or e-mail asking about when we’ll have kittens we can’t tell you anything different than what is posted here. (If you have other questions, please feel free to e-mail us).

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Stranger in a Strange Land of Kittens

Pixel’s kittens are growing into chubby little things! They are very curious, active, and (most importantly) have mastered the litter box. Every time we go into their room a tiny kitten stampede runs up to greet us.

Pixel is named after the cat in Robert A. Heinlien’s novel, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Because of that we decided to name this litter after characters in some of his other books. Here they are!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Margrethe (girl)

Mycroft (boy)

Minerva (girl)

Lazarus (boy)

Estrellita (girl)

Dora (girl)

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At the Vet

Starry Night’s kittens made their first trip out of the house for their 8-week wellness check with the vet. All of them checked out fine, They also turned out to be surprisingly good travelers. They were very quiet in the car and they didn’t have any accidents.

When we got to the vet we took a look inside the carrier and they were so cute and chill that we had to take a picture.

What’s happening?

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