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We’re accepting placement applications again

We’re pretty sure that Lola is pregnant, so we’ve opened up our placement application once again. Also, please take a minute to read over about our process. It will answer a lot of your questions about how this whole thing works. Thank you!

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Stranger in a Strange Land of Kittens

Pixel’s kittens are growing into chubby little things! They are very curious, active, and (most importantly) have mastered the litter box. Every time we go into their room a tiny kitten stampede runs up to greet us. Pixel is named after the cat in Robert A. Heinlien’s novel, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. Because …

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At the Vet

Starry Night’s kittens made their first trip out of the house for their 8-week wellness check with the vet. All of them checked out fine, They also turned out to be surprisingly good travelers. They were very quiet in the car and they didn’t have any accidents. When we got to the vet we took …

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Pixel moves her kittens

Pixel moved her kittens out of nest, so it was a good opportunity to update the pictures of her kittens!  Their eyes are open and the six of them are doing well (the seventh kitten faded and passed away a few days after birth, unfortunately). While there is nothing routine about a litter of kittens, …

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Starry Night’s kittens make a good impression

Starry Night’s kittens are getting big and are very, very cute (though we may be a bit biased). Since Starry Night is named after a post-Impressionist painting, we thought that this litter could be named after post-Impressionist artists. After a little googling we had some names!

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The last of Lola’s kittens went to their forever home today so the main living area of our house feels a little quiet. That will change this week when Queen Sara Saturday’s kittens get their first vaccinations and can emerge from their private room to join the rest of the cattery. In the meantime, they …

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Pixel makes it look easy

Pixel gave birth to seven lovely kittens last night over the course of three hours. She was a little stressed out but knew exactly what to do and pumped out a kittens at a mostly regular pace. They were popping out every 15-30 minutes. The 6th took about 50 minutes, just long enough for us …

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Fertile Turtle

Pixel went to the vet for her X-ray today and she’s going to have seven kittens. She’s a fertile turtle! (Turtles… there’s a theme). Maximus, the father, was very pleased with his part in this accomplishment and looks forward to the next time. At least, I think so. I was throwing a toy and he …

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Starry Night’s kittens have firmly entered what we call the “potato stage.” They are just little, plump potatoes! They are all growing fast and becoming more active. Starry did not want to keep them in the nest but so far they haven’t tried to venture beyond the fleece and the heating pad underneath. All of …

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Wilson is available!

Update: Wilson has been reserved! Wilson is available! He had been reserved by someone who really wanted a black-and-white kitten but something about another kitten really spoke to them. As we like to say, “The kitten picks you.” Because of his little goatee we have lots of nicknames for him like , “Jazz Man” and …

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