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They’ve got faith of the heart

Lily’s litter has been doing very well! Since our last post about them they quickly progressed from needing formula (because Lily wasn’t giving them all quite enough milk) to eating solid food. They’re growing fast, climbing over everything, and run to greet us when we come in the room. Thankfully, they all adapted to the …

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Nums in your tums

Lily’s kittens continue to progress and are doing very well with their supplemental feedings. We haven’t had to help out many mamas like this over the years, and certainly not ones this big, so we’re learning a lot! We feed the kittens on a schedule, but you never know if any of them just finished …

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Tales from beneath the radio cabinet

Two weeks on Lily’s kittens are doing well, but she’s making us work for it! First, we decided to see if we could convince Lily to move into a proper nest instead of keeping the kittens under the antique radio cabinet. Thinking maybe it was the location, we moved the radio cabinet and put the …

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Sitting for their portraits

As you know, we take a lot of pictures of kittens for posts like these. It’s usually pretty difficult to get them to stay still, look at the camera, or generally cooperate. Not Pixel’s kittens! Once they got into a pose they just kind of stayed there. They were just very chill. It was actually …

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Pixel’s kittens are growing fast! They’ve taken to the move to their new room very well and are starting to explore more. Back in the other room they gave us a bit of a scare at first because Pixel didn’t want to keep them in a nest (preferring to keep them under the radio cabinet, …

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Seven for Lily in the wee hours

All of these kittens are reserved, Lily gave birth to seven beautiful kittens starting around 1:00AM and delivering a kitten every twenty to thirty minutes afterward with no issues. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t any drama, as Lily didn’t want to get into the nest, kept trying to wiggle off of the birthing …

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Chubby kittens

First the  good news: We have more pictures of Pixel’s kittens! Now the bad news: One of them passed a day after they were born. (This is why we changed our process so we don’t take deposits until a week after birth). The five remaining kittens are doing very, very well. They are getting plump …

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Pixel makes it look difficult

Pixel gave birth to seven kittens this morning, six of which survived. The kittens that made it are doing fine, nursing well, and are very big! Last year we said of Pixel’s delivery that “Pixel makes it look easy.” This year she tried to prove us wrong. She was three days late when she started …

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In which many pictures of kittens are taken

Nikki and Lola’s litters are doing wonderfully. They are eating solid food and (thankfully) bypassed the “pooping on the floor” stage and went right for the litter boxes with no fuss. Little geniuses! Nikki’s kittens have figured out how to climb into their cat tree and are a bit more curious and interactive, but they …

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Just a quick update

Nikki and Lola’s kittens have been growing like weeds! Both litters are getting close to leaving the nests (so much so that it was hard to get pictures that weren’t blurry with movement. But here are a few pictures that came out okay. First up, Nikki’s kittens. They are starting to walk and it’s only …

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