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Supermarket Sweep

Pixel started to give birth on Wednesday, April 28th while I (Chris) was grocery shopping. We were expecting eight kittens and by the time I got home four had already come out. The remaining four came out about one every 25 minutes.  All seemed well. Pixel was very protective and seemed a little stressed, but that’s …

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Just Chillin’

Nikki’s kids are growing fast, eating solid food, playing, and using the litter box! They are already very social. When we come in the room they rush to our feet like we are their gods. Not that we’re ones to disabuse them of that notion. A few years ago we had kittens that took to …

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Cold Comfort

Nikki gave birth to seven kittens on the evening of March 8th. All them are growing and nursing wonderfully. No definite news on their pronouns yet, but we’ll know in good time. The delivery was undramatic and didn’t take long. Nikki takes after grandmother, Nutmeg, who would shoot out kittens in record time (hence the …

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Since Lola’s kittens were born on Christmas Day, you would think we’d use a holiday theme to name the kittens. Well, we did, but leave it to us to be weird about it. We named them after everything except Christmas! The kittens are running, climbing, and playing and have at last mastered the litter box. …

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What a turkey!

Some kittens, you know? Butterball was so good at posing for pictures that we couldn’t pick just one. Sara’s boy is getting chunky and (after a few misses) has mastered the litter box. He had a habit of leaving his deposits right in front of the door, which made entering his room an adventure. Kind …

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Looks what Santa left under the tree!

Lola gave birth to her kittens starting at about 11:00PM on Christmas eve and finishing around 3:00AM on Christmas morning. She had five kittens, but the last was stillborn. The remaining four are doing great, eating well, and gaining weight nicely. Although the first kitten was born a bit before midnight, technically the litter birth …

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Starry’s kittens come out swinging…

The Swing State litter is doing great! They learned how to use the litter box with minimal fuss (yay!) and are eating solid food. Getting them interested in wet food was a bit of a struggle at first. Usually after a few days of putting their faces up to the food they get the idea, …

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Too Much Information

Too much information running through my brain Too much information driving me insane – The Police Butterball is growing quickly after some concerns that he wasn’t growing fast enough at first. He wasn’t interested in formula but he’s been gaining weight  steadily for more than a week, so no worries. Part of our concern came …

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One for Queen Sara Saturday… “Nice placenta!”

Queen Sara Saturday gave birth to a single kitten yesterday afternoon. She was a few days late so we were a little worried and considering a caesarean section, but she did it all on her own! The kitten is very active, squeaky, and is very good at nursing. We’re calling him or her Butterball since …

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Squeaky Kittens

A few days after her kittens we born, Starry Night decided to start moving her kittens onto our bed. Well, it’s better than under the bed. Most likely she wanted to be close to us but didn’t want to leave her babies behind.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the safest place for kittens, so we had to …

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