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Meet the Honda Litter

Starry Night’s kittens sat for their photos today. Well, if you could call it sitting. It was more like running, flipping over, and turning away from the camera. If kitten butt pictures could be sold as NFTs we’d make a fortune.  Maybe as cryptocurrency? CryptoKittenButts? Nonetheless, we got a few good pictures! In other news, …

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The Long Delivery

Lola gave birth to six healthy kittens on January 5th. It was a long, six hour labor, but thankfully she decided to pop them out during the day. All of the kittens are eating well and growing like crazy. We had to switch them to a bigger nest today because they’re just so chunky and …

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Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Starry Night gave birth to three beautiful kittens on December 14th. Fezzik, the father, is very proud and ready to go on another date with Starry as soon as she is ready (in a year). It was quite the dramatic night (and morning). Starry was in labor for an hour, but no kittens were coming …

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That’s a Dam Nice Litter

We’ve named Sara’s litter after famous dams around the world. Why, you might ask? Well, around our house Queen Sara Saturday is also known  as the Water Commissioner. Whenever it’s time to change out the water, Sara will plant herself next to the bowl and paw at us as we take it away and put …

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Six for Sara

Queen Sara Saturday gave birth to six large, healthy kittens on November 26th (the day after Thanksgiving).  They are growing impressively fast. Seriously, we weigh them twice a day and we’re pretty astounded at the numbers. We believe that there are four boys and two girls. All of these kittens are reserved and we will …

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Hello, Mariah!

We have a new member of our household, and we’ve named her Mariah! She comes to us from Koonstler Cattery, courtesy of Genoa Shepley and Doug Nickel. We’re excited and thankful to have her in our cat family. We know that she will make beautiful babies, and we’re especially curious to see what will happen …

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The Goodbye Litter

Tiger Lily’s kittens are doing great, walking (and running) around. Whenever we come into their room a bunch of them just come running over. They aren’t too interested in solid food just yet, but they are very, very curious. Since this is the last litter that Buster fathered, and he has said goodbye to breeding …

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Buster goes out with a bang

Tiger Lily gave birth to seven kittens on August 6th. That was a few days early and they were a little small,  but they are very good eaters and have more than doubled in weight in the past two weeks. Last year Lily also gave birth to seven kittens and she had trouble keeping up …

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We’re pooped

Pixel’s kittens are progressing like normal kittens, except for one thing. Pooping. Okay, hear us out. We know there’s a fair amount of poop talk around here, but it’s part of the territory. Kittens poop. Everywhere. But these little rascals never pooped outside of the litter box once. Not once. They took right to it,  …

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Some time in the sun

Now that Nikki’s kittens have gotten their first vaccinations they left their private room and are mingling with our adult lady cats. They are just full of energy and seem to be in perpetual play mode. They do stop and rest on occasion, though! Here are four of them we caught in a rare moment …

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