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Goodbye, Gizmo

Our beloved Gizmo passed away in Marie’s arms today at the age of fifteen. Gizmo was the matriarch of the cattery and the mother of our first litter. Her lines are still active in our cattery via Starry Night (her great, great granddaughter). She was a wonderful mother to her kittens (her daughter, Blush, is …

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The Intern

Nothing to report on the kitten front yet. Watch this space. During this time of social distancing and telework, Max has turned out to be a pretty good home office cat (or, as we call him, the Intern). Despite some initial attempts to murder his nemesis, the headset wire, he mostly does the Maine Coon …

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Ah, Sweet Meowstery of Life, At Last I’ve Found Thee

Max and Buster are eager to have some romantic interludes with the ladies, but it’s not quite Spring and their girlfriends haven’t gone into heat yet. Max is trying hard by occasionally performing a romantic serenade, but the objects of his affection remain unmoved. This is mostly because his serenades likely consist of gems like, …

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Good hearts

We took Nikki, Frida, Pixel, and Sara to the cardiologist for their annual cardiac ultrasounds and all of them were cleared for breeding. This was their first time (except for Nikki, was her third) but they all tolerated it like champs! Sara, in particular, has been very eager to go on a date with Max …

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Big belleh full of kittens

When Nikki lies down and plops her belly out to the side, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she’s definitely pregnant. Shes due in a few weeks and we’ll get an x-ray taken soon so we know how many kittens to expect. Nikki will be very happy to give birth, if only …

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Passing the test

Max went in today for his first cardiac ultrasound today and is cleared for breeding! He’s a very happy boy, because he’s become very interested in girls and has been serenading them from his part of the house.  As soon as the right girl cycles again they’ll have their first date. Love is in the …

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Twelve years later…

Whenever a kitten goes to their new home Marie always says, “Send us pictures! We love pictures!” Well, we were ecstatic when  we heard from Tracey and John Schlotter, who got two boys from our second litter (the “Coffee Litter”) twelve years ago! They say that the boys are happy and healthy.  These gentlemen look …

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At the cat show

Maximus (Max) and Frida had a good time at the cat show in Natick, MA this weekend! Frida made two finals and probably earned her Champion title. We’ll know for sure when we count of the points.  She’s still a little shy with the judges but as she’s getting used to the whole process. Max …

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Georgette will be available soon!

Update: Georgette will be going to her new home soon! Georgette is retiring from making kittens! She will be five years old in May.  We plan to spay her soon and she will be available for placement shortly thereafter. Georgie is very affectionate with her people and likes her lap time. However, she also wants …

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Just doing that cat show thing

Diggy, Euraka, and Lola are getting used to being show cats! The cat show in Natick, MA was their first one this year and they took to it like they’d never been away from the show hall. That may not sound like a heavy lift but when a cat is playful and interactive it helps …

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